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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How to convert your Facebook Profile to Business page- Apne Facebook Profile ko Business Page Me Convert Kaise Kare?

Hello friend today we will talk and learn about

Apne Facebook Profile ko Business Page Me Convert Kaise Kare?


There are several things including the Facebook business account (Facebook page), bananas and bananas; Linkin's Facebook page flowers are just a matter of a day; Facebook itself is really important, only a small trick will change the whole scene

Covert your facebook profile to page


Applying your profile to lie to anything other than your profile is a lie on Facebook Shorten (eg your company) and is not included on your page, you can easily put me on my account.

If you manage your company, is your lab profile set up? You have a lab to place your page on the business page.

Facebook Profile Se Business Page Banane Ke Faide?

  1. The Facebook page is just about every design I've made, the App Anime can be any theme you choose, and sometimes you'll find it in your business.
  2.  You can track your page according to how many visitors visit it and say, sixty-six, you can also see how Citizen Edge people are browsing your Facebook page. You will have more control over who you are.
  3. You can manage page management as much as possible of any logo,
  4. Your ad is Bin Socket and may expand your business.

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Here are some things to know before changing your Facebook profile page.
Covert your facebook profile to page

When you create a page, you are a tool for adoption. Scott and the company can partner with Darshakoon. Creates a new Facebook page that allows your profile to be prefixed. You can only change your profile page once.

When you have your Facebook profile, what is Facebook hiring me for?

• Changing your Facebook profile to a Facebook page will also make your Facebook profile and page Donuts page available.

Your profile photo and cover page profile and cover photo ban can never be changed. Seth Heath Your Facebook Profile Name Restriction of Your Page Name

You also have a Facebook friend Wow ban ban Jing.

Check out the Facebook profile on the Facebook page.

Change Facebook Profile on Facebook Page

Introduction We have to click on the Use page Click New to open a niche icon.

How to change facebook profile on facebook page

Now all you have to do is select the page you want categories on.

Select a category is to click its next button.

First, follow your Facebook profile with the name you want for your business page, if you have a banana with that name, you don't have to change the name.

Just as I have the name of my Facebook profile: Ajay Nagashi, and the main business page is the "Graphics Designer" banana thing, the main one is the name of my Facebook profile designer.

Convert to:

Ajay Impossible = Graphic Designer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Article and to get more such type of Learning Article Tips and Tricks please keep visiting us. on daily basis.

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